Are You Keeping Your Child Out of College by Making 5 Incredibly Easy-to-Avoid Mistakes?

All parents want their children to get into the best schools possible. Unfortunately, most of them sabotage their children's chances of admission (and make their own lives ten times harder) simply due to bad timing.

Clients who pay $15,000+ a year for high-end college consultants DO NOT make these mistakes, and as a result, their children get into the best schools in the country (beating out the millions of students whose parents don't know any better).

Often, in attempting to help their children, parents actually DECREASE their children's chances of getting in, inadvertently giving an advantage to the children of uninvolved parents who don't have a chance to make these errors.

***Fortunately for you, these mistakes are easy to avoid***

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The ONE Mistake That Kills Every Application
If you don't know how to avoid this one, you're basically "chopping wood with a dull axe."  Parents who pay for high-priced consultants learn about this mistake on day one so that they don't totally sabotage their child's chances of admission.  Fortunately for you, it's incredibly simple to avoid (once you know what it is).
How to Save 30+ Hours On Admissions
If you want your child to get into the world's best schools, you don't need to work hard - you need to work SMART. I'll show you a quick "insider" timing trick that'll save you countless hours and improve your chances of getting in.
The One Test You NEVER Want to Take
Most parents have their children sign up for a test attempting to enhance their chances of admission - unfortunately, in 99% of cases, this test OBLITERATES your child's chances of getting in. I'll show you why you should never even think about registering (and what you should take instead).

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